Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love's Greatest Gift

As they say, good relationships don’t just happen. It takes time, patience and two people who truly want to be together. This is exactly what I learn from this couple when I try to recall how it all started. For me, their love story is like a fairytale and the perfect example how most people would want their love story to end.

Looking back 10 years ago, that was exactly when I enter college to take up my course in Industrial Engineering and was also the same time when I first met Mel near Room 316 for our Algebra class. We became seatmates and I don’t know how it works but we just gel naturally. From there I consider Mel as one of the few close friends I have. What is special about Mel from the rest of the group is that Mel is the only friend whom I shared all the subjects we had all throughout our college days (perhaps let's give CWTS an exception). Fortunately we went to the same class together for 5 years. 


Mel is simply beautiful (inside/out). Mel is a natural package of beauty and brain. Simple she maybe but a genuine person that can be best described as the girl with her black wrist watch, brown scapular and a hair tie most of the time placed in her wrist when not in use. 

On the other hand, I did not have the chance to know more about Chavez way back college life. But based on my observation and during some short encounters, I see him as a silent type of guy who manages to work on his books, scientific calculator and backpack from the classroom to the library all year round. Chavez is very intelligent but also very slender way back then. This is maybe because of his sleepless nights working on a lot of engineering formulas. Of course, all these pay off when he grabbed the spot as Top 1 in the National Mechanical Engineering Exam. 

Unfortunately, because of his serious student life I believed he did not have the luxury of time to court girls as he is very busy solving all the engineering books at the library (not knowing he silently sneak a look from a distance..hehehe..peace Chavz). One thing I’m very much thankful about Chavez is that he saved us from our thermodynamics assignments when we can no longer digest the bleeding effects of Charles Law, Boyles Law, Entropy, Enthalpy and all those weird discussions. 

Years passed. Everyone was surprised. Nobody ever anticipated it. But as they say, love moves in very mysterious ways. Next thing I know, they are together. And I am glad that they become the happiest people when they are together. Somehow their angles complement and they create the perfect shape.

For me, it is one of the few fairytales that turns real. Everybody would somehow wish that their story would also end up this way. But of course to Chavez and Mel, this is not the end and it is not always the “live happily ever after situation”. Along the way, somehow you will face few departmental exams like what we have in college to test what you have learned and in return make your relationship stronger. 

With this, I always pray that you will live to the promises that you made and recall how you both made it possible. Melomel, thank you for everything especially for the priceless friendship you’ve shared. I know I wasn’t able to give you the best but I’m certainly blessed you stayed. Rest assured I’ll always be here for you. Chavz, patience indeed really works and gives you the sweetest reward ~ congratulations! I know that you will always love and take good care of my friend and I am sure as well that Mel will give you the love that you deserve. Keep it till eternity. God bless your union. 

As your friends, we always wish that along the way we will always be part of your journey as a couple and we love to see wonderful kids made out of time, patience and pure love buzzing around very soon. We love you both. God bless and congratulations! 

This blog post is specially dedicated to this lovely couple:
Melody Mendoza-Chavez and Jose Jonna Chavez

Photos from Anjo’s Point Photography and John Harold Lucas


Thanks That Cebuano Kid for dropping by. Keep blogging! :)

Love you Vernz, Basta thank you for this.... nangita lang kog balik ani nga linked... and im happy nakit-an ni nko para mabasa nko ug balik.... basta thank you so much!

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